COVID-19 – Small/Medium Business owners FAQ answered - as at 30th March 2020

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

This is an outline of frequently asked questions I'm getting as a HR consultant to small to medium business owners regarding the COVID-19.

This unprecedented pandemic has the potential to drive significant business and operational impact on us as small business owners. It is critical that we have a clear idea of your options and obligations. I can't stress enough how important lines of communications your employees, as well as clients and third-party entities at this time.

Please note this advice may not be applicable if you have your small business has specific/differing policies, agreements or procedures.

What if workers suspect they have symptoms of COVID-19?

  • It is important that they stay away from work if they have only mild symptoms and follow advice from the department of health.

  • See the nearest emergency hospital for testing, or call the local GP as many pathologists are now able to test for COVID-19

  • They must not return until a clearance is provided or the isolation period is over.

What if an employee is diagnosed with COVID-19?