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Job Keeper

What is this JOB KEEPER allowance about?

Job Keeper has been announced (not yet legislated) to assist all parties, it's a fantastic initiative!

Finer details are not yet understood on how/when this applies as at today 2nd April 2020.

What we do know:

  • It will apply to businesses who turn over <$1b who have had a 30% drop in revenue.

  • It will apply to FT / PT staff + 12mth casuals who were employed as at 1st March 2020

  • It will be applicable from 30th March 2020

  • It is a payment of $1500 / fornight for eligable workers in eligable businesses

  • It applies to all entities - including sole traders / trusts / NFP etc too

  • Payments will likely hit employers in May

  • It is to be passed through to legislation within next 7 days - by 9th April - so more details will be known then how any particular examples of when is does or doesn't apply

  • Eligible businesses should apply now

We'll keep all of our clients and subscribed visitors up to date as we know more.

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